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CBCG is Australia’s well-known house cleaning service provider that offers the cheap yet the best end of the lease contract services such as the bond cleaning, carpet cleaning, and pest control across the five major metro cities of the country viz, the Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney.


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Cheap in Prices but the best in Quality

CBCG has by chosen this name to remain close and within the reach of the vast majority in the society. Having stated that our charges are low, compatible and completely affordable. We don’t compromise on the quality of the services offered.

CBCG is not new to the urban population of the Australia, as we are present in the five major cities, including the Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast.  We offer the best Bond Cleaning Services in the country, which is comprehensive and flexible.

As a part of comprehensive cheap bond cleaning services, we undertake complete cleaning of the residential, carpet cleaning, and pest control. We are equally flexible in allowing our customer to chose exclusive services like carpet cleaning or pest control alone at a through away charges. This concept allows the customer to choose the cleaning option of any specific part of the house.

Say Yes to Cheap Bond Cleaning Services because it is the cheap and the Best!


When there are hundreds of bond cleaning service providers around, why should the people opt only the CBCG for the end of the lease contract? Each one may have their own version, but we observed the people’s reactions, which states the CBCG is tried, tested and the most sought after due to its loyalty towards its customers.

Quality Assurance

As stated in the beginning, we ensure quality in terms of the materials used and the tools applied. We invest our time money and energy in selecting the best equipment and employing the people friendly chemicals, and solvents. We test these applications in advance, before taking them to our customers. Since we insist on the quality control, we are choosy in selecting the best machines, and quality solvents that comply with the norms. We lay equal emphasis the on the professionals in getting trained in operating them so that they offer you hassle free solutions.

Excellent Customer Support

CBCG is people’s friendly not only due to its safety and secured measures of quality assurance, but also due to its approach to the customers. Our staff members are responsible and sensible in taking the call during the working hours and their response would be prompt, reliable and customer friendly. When they take note of your end of the lease contract requirements, they honor your time to wipeout your concerns in returning the property intact and in time. This gesture helped us to secure a solid client base.

Affordable Services

When we state that we are quite affordable, we really mean it. We go as per the market trends and sometimes go well beyond to meet our customer’s needs. Our affordability lies in factors like comprehensive, and complete bond cleaning solution or partial cleaning services like carpet cleaning, or pest control services at a reasonable price that our customers could afford. We think from the point of our customers while fixing the prices so that they would approach us with no hesitation. A satisfied customer endorses our services whole heartedly.

Professional And Trained Staff

We select the best candidates that have thorough knowledge and awareness on the bond cleaning services. We provide them the special training in handling our advanced cleaning equipment efficiently. Our staff is professionally trained and well experienced by the competent authority so that they could handle your property with care while executing their duties. Our staff members are sensible, responsible, and punctual in honoring your time. They deliver efficient services and they are customer friendly in attending your concerns. Positive endorsements of our customers are the real testimonies for it.

High Standard Quality

When the CBCG signs in with any customer for the end of the lease contract cleaning services, the customer can take our services for granted related to quality and the men and material applied. Apart from not compromising on the quality of the equipment and the machinery we use, we take special care in selecting the cleaning products and solvents that are mild, gentle and eco-friendly. Our professional are equally capable in assessing the situation and applying the right amount of materials that ensures pleasant fragrance and perfect cleanliness.

Pocket Friendly Price

CBCG started its functions with a view to remain accessible to vast sections of the population in Australia. Hence, all our products and services are available to our customers at a competitive price. Our customers are free to compare our services and the prices we offer with that of the prevailing market prices and they are the best judges in accessing the quality and price of our services. We keep in mind the economics of class and see that our bond cleaning services or other services available at a competitive price.

Quality Result

CBCG takes complete responsibility of the services offered to our customers. Be it a complete Bond cleaning services or partial carpet cleaning or pest control services, you can feel and experience a change in the condition. You can compare the previous condition filled with dust, grease and the dirt accumulated walls, floors, windows and doors attaining perfect shape and stature once the cleaning process completes. Be it granite, tiles, marble, glass or wood, we apply appropriate techniques, solvents and cleaning materials to make them perfect.

Our Focusing Areas

We strive to give you the most exceptional cleaning services at a pocket-friendly price. What’s more, we are open 7 days a week. So, book carpet steam cleaning and pest control/flea treatment with bond cleaning at CBCG to get a extra discount.

Bond Cleaning

We understand how complicated moving houses are. As you are under bond, you must make sure that everything is as maintained, as mentioned in the contract. Being a holder of the tenancy agreement, you need to leave the house in the exact same condition as it was before. Fresh and also clean, that’s what you are supposed to give away the apartment.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is done for appearance, and to remove dirt, soil, and allergens through carefully worked designs. Despite the fact that there is an actual carpet steam cleaning process to do in order to clean the carpets. Steam cleaning is sometimes confused with heated water soil extraction also known as HWE.

Pest Control

Living in this latest world we have to adjust our lifestyle sometimes in order to keep ourselves happy and healthy. Pests and Insects are those elements which can be troublesome for every family. An occasional sight of cockroaches or ants can be ignored sometimes. 

Bond Cleaning services

CBCG primarily focuses on three major areas, the complete Bond Cleaning, exclusive carpet cleaning, and pest control across the five major urban cities of Australia, including the Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast. Traditionally, our group has earned a reputation for people centric services that we are quite affordable, and efficient. We stand unique in the crowd with our efficient end of the lease contract services. Our customer friendly staff are known for the amicable solutions to all your bond cleaning concerns.


Our Bond Cleaning Services include the following category of units in the residential. A complete bond cleaning service is also inclusive of the carpet cleaning and pest control of the entire premises.


Bedroom inclusive of Internal windows, sills, tracks, doors, door frames, skirting boards, light fittings, wardrobes, mirrors and floors.


It includes shower, bathtub, washbasins, mirrors, drawers, vanity, exhaust and light shades, toilets, taps clean and polished.


The kitchen shelves, cooktop, Oven, range hood, splashback, bench tops, drawers, dishwasher, floors vacuumed and mopped.


This includes Light shades, Exhaust fans, Internal windows, sills and tracks, power points, wipe down basin and taps. Clean laundry drawers. Floor cleaned.

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carpet cleaning services

Carpets add elegance and gracefulness to your home. They are made of the natural or artificial fibers with variations in texture, fabric, and design. We carefully choose the appropriate technique and method in cleaning your carpets with care to ensure a fresh outlook for them. We treat your carpets in a way to remove the minute dust, mud, grease, oil, food and cosmetics traces to make it completely disinfected. This process enhances the longevity of the carpet and stops the minute dust and the bacteria entering your lungs.

09 Examination


We pre-examine the carpet for rags, marks, and the type of treatment it may need.

Artboard 4


Pre-vacuuming involves evenly dispersing the steam on the entire carpet to separate the dry mud, sand and the minute dust it gathers.


This process is helpful in extracting the stubborn grease, soft drink, gravy, food spillovers and grass.

Speed dry

The dust free, cleanly washed carpet is hanged freely for drying with speed drying machines.

Soil Extraction and Flush

Cleans and removes the hard-oily stains, and the soil, detaching them from the carpet while rinsing.

Post Prepare

After rinsing and washing the carpet with chemicals and water it is ready for drying.

Post cleaning assessment

The dust-free, stain free carpet is ready for the post cleaning examination.


CBCG acts on insects that may invade and sneak into your kitchen platform, stove, dining room, kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, wardrobes, and toilet commodes. The type of insects that prevail may vary from season to season and cause irritation by freely roaming around, infecting your food and other utilities. Since they are capable of moving into the dirtiest places like septic tanks, sink, toilet commodes, and enters the kitchen to spread diseases. It is essential to act very tough on them. CBCG is well prepared for it.

Cockroach Pest Control

Silverfish Pest Control

Hunting & Crawling Pest Control​

Ant Pest Control

End Of Lease Pest Spray

Flea Control and Treatment


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